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Farewell and Thank You

Nancy, Chris and Pat stopped by as we inelegantly loaded/stuffed final items into our PODS container. (Toby’s the only one in the photo looking absolutely no worse for the wear because … well … he really didn’t lift a paw to help.)


Their visit would have been welcome under any circumstances but this one was special because 1) we got to say good-bye one more time and 2) they delighted us with an extraordinary farewell gift from our friends around the pond - which was, so appropriately, the gift’s theme.


The specially made clock, featuring a wood-relief map of Clemons Pond, will hang prominently in our new home, serving as a reminder that it’s partly where you live and when you live there - but mostly it’s the people in that where-and-when who define the experience and memories. The wonderful memories we made here will be part of us forever. So we thank you for the gift and for being such important parts of our experiences and memories.


Have a great summer on the pond!


All our best – Dave & Rich

Video:  The Wintry Lure of Clemons Pond

The warm weather we wait for every year is finally here with all its relief and easy living, making it easy to forget the other side of the coin in Hiram - winter. As tough and long as winter on the pond can be, though, it's also remarkable. Rich Colicchio produced this time-lapse video capturing the great and changeable beauty on display at Clemons Pond during February and March 2018.


Town of Hiram 2017 Annual Report

The 2018 Town of Hiram Annual Report is available. See the link in the right-hand column under Local News & Interest.

LakeSmart – The Clemons Pond Initiative

Judy and Doug Bradley and Victor Lerish were recently certified as LakeSmart evaluators for Clemons Pond properties, four of which have already been evaluated.


This voluntary, free and non-regulatory evaluation takes about an hour. Judy, Doug and Victor will be happy to share what they have learned from their training, both generally and also as it applies to your specific property – with the ultimate goal of keeping Clemons Pond as clean as possible into the foreseeable future.


Click here for a PDF document with more details. As indicated in this PDF, Judy is our pond's LakeSmart coordinator and can be contacted via email:

An Overlook View of Clemons Pond

Thanks to Andy Zelman for this overview shot of the pond that he took during a hike above the farm in mid-November.


Click on the image to enlarge it.

Breathtaking Aerial Views of the Pond

Following are amazing aerial photos of Clemons Pond taken during Fall 2015 with a drone-based camera. Ethan Tucker, who is Victor and Joanna Lerish's son-in-law, operated the drone and camera. These photos provide rarely seen perspectives of the pond and vividly reveal how beautifully Big and Little Clemons Ponds knit into the surrounding topographic fabric.


Many thanks to Ethan for sharing these special views of Clemons Pond at such a spectacular time of year.


Click on the images below to enlarge them.




CPA Updates

The Fall 2017 CPA Meeting Minutes are available on the Pond Business page.


The Spring 2018 CPA Treasurer's Report is available on the Pond Business page.


The 2018 Clemons Pond Water Quality Report is available on the Pond Life page.

Local News & Interest

The Spring 2018 issue of the Hiram Newsletter is available here.


The Town of Hiram 2017 Annual Report is available here.

Current Weather on the Pond

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