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Remembering Betty Zelman

Betty Zelman, long-time owner of the historic Clemons homestead in Hiram, has died.


Betty passed away at age 89 on Monday, January 29, 2018, in Florida, of lung cancer. She was a lovely woman - gentle and gracious, a staunch and steely supporter of her home, the historic Clemons homestead, and the preservation of Clemons and Little Clemons ponds in Hiram. John Clemons arrived in Hiram in 1779 traveling south from Brownfield and when he came upon two beautiful ponds settled between them. The sons of John and Abigail Clemons built the present house.


Betty and husband Victor Zelman were founders of the Clemons Pond Association and life members and generous supporters of Hiram Historical Society. For many years she was proprietor of Antiques N' Stuff in Cornish. She was predeceased by husband Victor who died January 18, 2015, age 93.


Betty and Victor have five sons. The family is preparing an obituary, which we will pass on to you. They plan a service and burial of their parents in Hiram at a later date.


Donations in Betty's memory may be made to the Hiram Historical Society, President Sally Williams, PO Box 105, Hiram ME 04041. Please make checks payable to Hiram Historical Society.


Donations may also be made to the Clemons Pond Association, President Doug Bradley, 21 Brave Boat Harbor Rd, York, ME 03909. Please make checks payable to Clemons Pond Association.


[Thanks to Sally Williams for the write-up and to Pat Clifford for the photo of Betty, which Pat took in October 2017.]

Video:  The Wintry Lure of Clemons Pond

Even as winter in Hiram grows long in the tooth - seeming especially endless during the month of March - we can appreciate the great and changeable beauty on display at Clemons Pond. Many thanks to Rich Colicchio for producing this new time-lapse video during the months of February and March.


Town of Hiram 2017 Annual Report

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LakeSmart – The Clemons Pond Initiative

Judy and Doug Bradley and Victor Lerish were recently certified as LakeSmart evaluators for Clemons Pond properties, four of which have already been evaluated.


This voluntary, free and non-regulatory evaluation takes about an hour. Judy, Doug and Victor will be happy to share what they have learned from their training, both generally and also as it applies to your specific property – with the ultimate goal of keeping Clemons Pond as clean as possible into the foreseeable future.


Click here for a PDF document with more details. As indicated in this PDF, Judy is our pond's LakeSmart coordinator and can be contacted via email:

An Overlook View of Clemons Pond

Thanks to Andy Zelman for this overview shot of the pond that he took during a hike above the farm in mid-November.


Click on the image to enlarge it.

Breathtaking Aerial Views of the Pond

Following are amazing aerial photos of Clemons Pond taken during Fall 2015 with a drone-based camera. Ethan Tucker, who is Victor and Joanna Lerish's son-in-law, operated the drone and camera. These photos provide rarely seen perspectives of the pond and vividly reveal how beautifully Big and Little Clemons Ponds knit into the surrounding topographic fabric.


Many thanks to Ethan for sharing these special views of Clemons Pond at such a spectacular time of year.


Click on the images below to enlarge them




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