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Town of Hiram 2016 Annual Report Is Available

Click here for a PDF of the newly released Town of Hiram 2016 Annual Report.

Maine Lakes Society 2017 Legislative Watch List

Maine Lakes Society posted to their website a 2017 Legislative Watch List (as of 2/6/17). Click here to access the MLS web page featuring that list.

Former Clemons Pond Neighbor Dolores Levesque - Obituary

According to the Portland Press Herald, "Dolores Cyr Levesque, 89, of Saco, died peacefully at the Rose Garden at Scarborough Terrace, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017, from complications from Alzheimer's disease." Click here for the full obituary. Thanks to Walt Novak for sharing this with the CPA community.

An Overlook View of Clemons Pond

Thanks to Andy Zelman for this overview shot of the pond that he took during a hike above the farm in mid-November.


Click on the image to enlarge it.

Maine Lakes Society Fall 2016 Newsletter

The Maine Lakes Society Fall 2016 Newsletter is out; click here to download the PDF.


If you are interested in receiving E-news and legislative alerts via Maine Lakes Society, click here to access the sign-up page on the MLS website.

Breathtaking Aerial Views of the Pond

Following are amazing aerial photos of Clemons Pond taken during Fall 2015 with a drone-based camera. Ethan Tucker, who is Victor and Joanna Lerish's son-in-law, operated the drone and camera. These photos provide rarely seen perspectives of the pond and vividly reveal how beautifully Big and Little Clemons Ponds knit into the surrounding topographic fabric.


Many thanks to Ethan for sharing these special views of Clemons Pond at such a spectacular time of year.


Click on the images below to enlarge them




CPA Updates

The Spring 2016 CPA Meeting Minutes are available on the Pond Business page.


The Spring 2016 CPA Treasurer Report is available on the Pond Business page.

Local News & Interest

The Town of Hiram 2016 Annual Report is available here.


The Fall 2016 issue of the Hiram Newsletter is available here.

Current Weather on the Pond

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